There is no substitute for quality

Sausage making is an art in itself. Mildly salted cured hams, carefully matured salami, outstanding cooked sausage, fine pies and hand-picked delicacies in aspic: Bedford has dedicated itself heart and soul to the art of making sausages and has more than 140 sausage and ham specialities in its product range. Skilled craftsmanship, a love of detail and the philosophy of company founder Piet Mutsaers – "There is no substitute for quality" – are our trademarks and the key to our success over the years.
The family company is run by the second generation, brother and sister Gabriele and Bert Mutsaers, and in 2012 recorded sales of EUR 57 million with more than 320 employees.  

Bedford products are available exclusively from the counters of butcher's shops, delicatessens and select food retailers.
"As a partner of the butchers' trade, we offer our customers an attractive range of products," says Bert Mutsaers. "Our high-quality sausages and hams excel thanks to the high proportion of work processes carried out by hand and are the perfect complement to our customers' product ranges. This is how we aim to secure our future success as well."

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