Deli counter recipe for success

Deli counter recipe for success

What is the current situation when it comes to deli counters?
  • Deli counters are a positive way of differentiating ourselves from the discount market.
  • But counters are often overstocked
  • Customers are often given too much choice
  • The value of the individual products is lost

What are the objectives?
  • Well-documented and reproducible presentation concept
  • Impression of clarity and appealing to look at
  • Added value for the individual product
  • Positive guidance for the customer
  • Optimisation of range

What are the benefits?
  • Customers and employees are inspired by the attractive product presentation
  • Faster and longer-lasting decisions to buy thanks to clearer lay-out
  • Higher turnover of goods and therefore fresher products due to lower quantities
  • Higher productivity and better returns thanks to the deli counter recipe for success

  • It is not just the actual display of the quantities of each individual product, but the emotional presentation that leads to success!
  • The presentation of goods is professionally rearranged with a view to graphics and design.
  • Objective: A counter layout that appeals to the customers' emotions!

  • Using bio-structural analysis techniques to apply personal strengths in a targeted way
  • Putting the latest selling techniques into practice
  • Objective: "To turn the people concerned into allies!"
  • Raising enthusiasm for the new system amongst counter staff!

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