Selected summer truffles „tuber aestivum“

Selected summer truffles „tuber aestivum“

Our Managing Partner, Bert Mutsaers, who is also the company's Business Economist and Assistant Butcher, is also responsible for purchasing the exquisite summer truffles. He personally checks the quality of the summer truffles.  

We import summer truffles for our speciality sausages and hams from European mountain areas (moderate altitude), such as Piedmont, Umbria etc. Only a limited quantity of summer truffles is available worldwide, since their appearance cannot be influenced and is highly dependent on the weather.  

Sustainable harvesting: Trained dogs scent only the ripe truffles. Once the ripe truffles have been collected, the place where they were found is covered over again. A trained dog will find approx. 5-10kg of summer truffles a day in the right conditions.   

The fresh summer truffle has a very distinct aromatic and intense flavour.

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