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Chilli Lard, tray

made of goose and pork lard

Chilli Lard, tray
Using the finest goose lard and fresh pork lard with greaves, seasoned with spicy chilli, with crunchy fried onions for a fiery, smooth spread. Delivery period: from September to April

54% goose fat, 37% pork lard with greaves, fried onions (onions, palm oil, WHEAT FLOUR, cooking salt), dried tomatoes, cooking salt, 0.4% chilli, spices, aroma, sugar, rapeseed oil, hydrolysed vegetable protein.

More details:
Article number: 085
Weight per piece: 125 g

Nutritional Information/100g:
Energy: 3501 kJ/851 kcal
Fat: 92g
of which saturates: 33g
Carbohydrate: 3,8g
of which sugars: 0,6g
Protein: 1,9g
Salt: 1,3g

- gluten

Additional information
Storage cond.: max. +7°C
Remaining time: 90 Days
EAN: 14008298085108
Delivery unit: 1 pack = 12 jars à ca. 125 g

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