Osnabrück Business Award

Bedford wins the 2010 Osnabrück Business Award.

In 2010, we won the Osnabrück Business Award. The "Wirtschaftsförderung Osnabrück" (WFO, an organisation supporting business development in Osnabrück), recognised "the company's investment in production in Osnabrück, its regular product innovations, the way it treats its employees and its outstanding commitment to social issues".
Christoph Gallenkamp, Deputy Chairman of the WFO, who was handing over the prize for the third time, praised Bedford as he presented the award to our Managing Directors, Gabriele and Bert Mutsaers, for always having looked forward to the future even in difficult times: "An intriguing company, of which Osnabrück can be proud."
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Fleisch Star 2009

In 2009, Bedford GmbH + Co. KG and Hiebers Frische Center KG were awarded the marketing prize for the best joint performance.

We had put our minds to how we could support the sales of our specialist shop customers. The result was not a standard poster or flyer but a genuine new innovation - a completely new way of presenting delicatessen foods using our deli counter recipe for success. Even more clearly laid out, even more attractive, even fresher - simply irresistible!

"I actually didn't plan to buy anything but it all just looks so good!" - if we can inspire these thoughts from consumers, the deli counter will always be a model for success when it comes to selling fresh foods! Here you can find further information about the deli counter recipe for success.

No self-service.
No discounts.
Service is our strong point.


Culinary Ambassador 2010: Osnabrücker Friedensschinken

The marketing company for the Lower Saxony agricultural and food industry selected 32 typical foods from the Lower Saxony region of Germany as "Culinary Ambassadors for Lower Saxony 2010". The selection was the result of a regional competition, which more than 100 companies from the Lower Saxony food industry entered at the beginning of 2010, with almost 200 different products. Our "Osnabrücker Friedensschinken" ham was selected as a culinary ambassador in 2010.

True to the motto: This ham makes things happen, with one Euro being donated to a fund for children in war-torn areas for every Osnabrücker Friedensschinken sold. This support has already led to the building of a school in Angola.

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5 years in 1st place for the Bedford product presentation 2011 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013
At the Symposium on Fine Food and Drink in Munich, awards are given to the best stands each year. The much-anticipated award ceremony for the best stands turned out to be a real Herculean task this year. It was particularly difficult for visitors to choose between a number of very different and spectacular stands, in spite of some enjoyable culinary encouragement. This year for the 5th time, we were awarded 1st place in the "Own market stand" category. For further information, see

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