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Saltufo – Taste it, love it

Cooking with Saltufo ®

 has a unique taste, and it’s great fun to cook up a storm with it at home. We show you the different dishes you can create with this extra-ordinary and unique salami on the next pages. Whether simple or sophisticated: Try it and discover the three-star chef slumbering inside you!

All meals are for 4 people.

No 01 | Saltufo ® Pure No 04 | Saltufo ® Carpaccio No 08 | Saltufo ® Crostini No 12 | Saltufo ® Sandwich No 19 | Pizza Saltufo ® No 21 | Buffalo Mozzarella with tomatoes & Saltufo ® No 27 | Pasta & Saltufo ® No 36 | Saltufo ® Fruit Kebabs
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